Anger Issues

Anger is not as well studied and understood as anxiety. While anxiety conditions have names like GAD, OCD, etc. the only references to anger are in extreme cases like antisocial behaviour or oppositional defiant disorder, which probably not many people know about.

Anger issues happen when we do not know how to deal with the anger we feel.

If you believe you might have anger issues, click here to take a quick anger issues test.

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Anger is an emotion that we all experience in life and, unfortunately, is not easy to express. Anger can become chronic and unhealthy, which is when clients start considering the idea of coming to therapy to make sense of it. Typical scenarios are

  • Getting very irritated at small things

  • Raising voice in work situations

  • Losing sleep

  • Losing trust in people

  • Hitting (or wanting to hit) parts of one's own body or other objects

  • Getting easily into arguments that escalate quickly

The field of CBT has worked mainly on the idea "anger management" to help people contain their anger and express their point of view with assertiveness. In addition to this, there is a need for understanding the causes of one's own anger and all the other emotions that go with it.

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