Couples Therapy and Relationships


Communication & Conflict Resolution

Conflict resolution is key to the harmony of the relationship and to a good ending when partners decide to go their own ways.

Effective communication leads to conflict resolution when each party can identify what they are going through (thoughts, reactions, needs, expectations, etc.), and can talk about themselves while being open to listening to the other.

Couples spontaneously learn to understand each other and tolerate differences.


The importance of a safe holding space

When differences are kept hidden and unfinished business is not talked about, feelings of indifference, resentment and hostility show in every aspect of the relationship.

A “small” thing becomes the reason for long, exhausting conflicts that keep on repeating.

Couples therapy offers a safe and confidential holding space in which the therapist facilitates each person to explore their own opinions, difficulties, problems and emotions, and safely express them to the other.

The therapist encourages and actively supports open, direct and respectful communication between parties.

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